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Launch Postponed

BLEAT’s second flight, scheduled for launch tomorrow morning, has been postponed due to unsettled weather and localised thunderstorms over the launch site. Owing the the south-westerly winds there is also a significant risk of the payload landing in the Wash (an estuary on the northwest coast of East Anglia) or the North Sea beyond.


The Cambridge University Spaceflight Landing Predictor estimates that the box will land in the North Sea

We hope to reschedule the launch for early next week. Follow our twitter feed or keep an eye on the website for further updates.


Launch 001 build images

Some of the images documenting the build so far are up on the images page.

BLEAT’s second launch scheduled for 24th July

BLEAT’s second mission, provisionally dubbed Notos after the Greek god of the Westerly winds, will be launched from Ely in Cambridgeshire on Wednesday the 24th of July.

The payload will consist of a GoPro camera, radiosonde, android phone and GSM/GPS tracking device, and we hope to attain a similar altitude to the last launch – around 30 kilometres. Also on board will be our first astronauts: algae! Biologists in ENV are interested in how the extreme UV environment of the mid-stratosphere (above the ozone layer) will affect the viability of the sample.

Keep an eye on the website and Twitter feed (@UEABLEAT) for more updates!