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Launch 001 planned for July 2013

BLEAT has been given approval and a budget from the UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences in order to undertake another launch, designated Launch 001.

The provisional launch window is from the 24th to the 31st of July, weather dependant.

The hardware in the payload on this occasion will consist of a GoPro Hero3 HD camera, GSM tracking device, radiosonde and android phone. Also hitching a ride into the intense UV environment of the mid stratosphere will be some microbes courtesy of Stefanie Lutz of the University of Leeds. More details of BLEAT’s first microbial astronauts will be provided in a future update.

Work is continuing on preparing our Raspberry Pi microcomputer for live image transmission from the balloon, but it is more likely that it will fly on the next mission scheduled for the end of September.

Further updates will follow as they become available.

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